Dekang released smart dual-bands ultrasonic cleaners based on digital ultrasonic cleaners

【Dec.8, 2014】Dekang’s R&D department made a technical innovation and launched a series of smart dual-bands heating ultrasonic cleaners. It was a big breakthrough based on digital heating ultrasonic cleaners. Smart dual-bands heating ultrasonic cleaners not only have all features of digital heating ultrasonic cleaners, such as heating function for better cleaning of oil and wax, a digital controller for the precise control of temperature and time, but also have their own features.

Smart dual-bands heating ultrasonic cleaners’ frequencies can be 28KHz or 40KHz. A 28KHz ultrasonic wave is a long and powerful wave and it has a better effect in cleaning the surfaces of big instruments and components etc, while a 40KHz ultrasonic wave is a shorter and high-frequency wave and it has a better effect in cleaning high-precision instruments, components etc, especially small inside holes. So smart dual-bands heating ultrasonics can have a better cleaning effect and a wider using scope than digital heating ultrasonics.

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