Dekang developed a series of mechanical ultrasonic cleaners for the commercial purpose.

【Dec. 28, 2010】Dekang’s R&D department worked out a series of mechanical ultrasonic cleaners for the commercial purpose.

All mechanical ultrasonic cleaners have a stamping tank without a welding gap, a stainless steel housing and lid which make them have a long service life. Especially they employ high performance transducers with 40KHz ultrasonic frequency. The tiny microscopic bubbles generated by these transducers can clean irregular and complex instruments, components and PCBs which are very difficult to clean via common cleaning tools. Even inaccessible pores of these instruments, component and PCBs can also be cleaned without any physical cleaning scratches.

The volume of mechanical ultrasonic cleaner series can be from 1.3L to 30L, so they can be used in sundry industries, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, schools, scientific research, petroleum industry, Chemical industry, light industry, metallurgic industry, machiney industry, transportation industry, war industry etc. The cleaned objects can be, but not limited to instruments, meters, electronic parts and components, PCBs, semiconductor silicon chips, magnetic materials, electroplated parts, hardwares, optical glasses, audio heads, polyester filtering cores, spinneret plates, latex moulds, medical apparatus and instruments, glasswares, jewelry, parts of watches and clocks, bearings, fuel injection equipment, and other irregular and complex parts. Especially they are optimal tools of high-efficiency and high-precision to clean the dirt in deep holes, blind holes, rough surfaces.

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