Dekang released digital ultrasonic cleaners with a better control of temperature and time.

【May.28, 2013】Dekang’s R&D department introduced and applied digital control technology into ultrasonic cleaners. They added a digital controller with an LED display which is convenient for people to set any exact working temperature and time of ultrasonic cleaners.

Same as mechanical heating ultrasonic cleaners, digital heating ultrasonic cleaners also have a good effect in cleaning oil and wax. What’s more, compared with mechanical heating ultrasonic cleaners, digital heating ultrasonic cleaners have a better effect in cleaning specialized high-precision instruments, components, and have a more precise control during experiments because of their accurate control of temperature and time. The temperature range of digital ultrasonic cleaners is 0~80℃, the heating function can be started automatically when the water temperature becomes lower than the certain temperature set in advance. Besides, the temperature can be set from 1 min to 99 mins freely, especially it can be accurate to seconds.

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