【Dec. 28, 2010】Dekang’s R&D department worked out a series of mechanical ultrasonic cleaners for the commercial purpose. All mechanical ultrasonic cleaners have a stamping tank without a welding gap, a stainless steel housing and lid which make them have a long service life. Especially they employ high performance transducers with 40KHz ultrasonic frequency. The tiny […]

【May.28, 2013】Dekang’s R&D department introduced and applied digital control technology into ultrasonic cleaners. They added a digital controller with an LED display which is convenient for people to set any exact working temperature and time of ultrasonic cleaners. Same as mechanical heating ultrasonic cleaners, digital heating ultrasonic cleaners also have a good effect in cleaning oil […]

【Dec.8, 2014】Dekang’s R&D department made a technical innovation and launched a series of smart dual-bands heating ultrasonic cleaners. It was a big breakthrough based on digital heating ultrasonic cleaners. Smart dual-bands heating ultrasonic cleaners not only have all features of digital heating ultrasonic cleaners, such as heating function for better cleaning of oil and wax, […]

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